Tuesday, September 24, 2013

LAB 01: Part 1 Answers Question 3:

  • The W3C mission is to lead the World Wide Web to its full potential by developing protocols and guidelines that ensure the long-term growth of the Web. 

  • Membership in W3C is open to all types of organizations (including commercial, educational and governmental entities) and individuals. Any entity that can sign the Membership Agreement can become a Member. Members may be either for-profit or not-for-profit organizations. Most Members invest significant resources into Web technologies. They may be developing Web-based products, using Web technologies as an enabling medium, conducting research on the Web, or developing specifications based on W3C work.

  •  It costs W3C fees vary depending on the annual revenues, type, and location of headquarters of an organization. For instance, as of 2013-09-01, a small company in India would pay 1,905 USD annually, a non-profit in the United States would pay 7,900 USD, and a large company in France would pay 59,500 EUR. Please note that comma (",") is used to separate thousands in the tables below. Note: Fees do not reflect any local taxes, for which the Member is responsible. 
  • Use this fee calculator to determine the annual Membership fee for a new Member, given a country and date:

Answer to Part a.
The three technologies mentioned on the W3C homepage I searched on twitter were:

  • HTML and CSS
  • Javascript Web APIs
  • Meta Formats

When I researched them on twitter I found:

HTML and CSS: I found several people who were tweeting about learning HTML and CSS and which online resources they were using as well as companies promoting their own learning programs e.g. Jorge Lana (@jorge_lana) as well as Skillshare (@skillshare).

Javascript Web APIs: I found Javascript Daily (@JavaScriptDaily) which is a daily news account of all Javascript news and updates with news and links. I also found Slava Ptsarev who tweeted: Program the web using Webshell - A javascript platform for script APIs via

Meta Formats: I found iBizBook (@ibizbook) which was tweeting a promotion of The Learning Sanctuary which fosters familiarity with exam formats and meta-cognitive learning

Answer to Part b.
The three people I followed on Twitter are:
  • Tim Berners-Lee: @timberners_lee  - Tim Berners Lee is the Director of the World Wide Web Consortium and as such i considered him a valuable resource of news and informatio. 

  • NYT Technology: @nytimestech - The New York Times is an internationally respected journal and I judged that this would be an excellent source of breaking news for the technological world.

  • John Resig: @jeresig - John Resig is the creator of jQuery which is a widely used javascript library which is used by millions of people around the world to create content for the web and as such I believe he would be a valuable source of information.

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